Below is a gathering of performances (both as a composer and performer), presentations and other things that I do.


26.02.19: tense, wonderful, dirty (2019), Workshop with Juliet Fraser, Hartley Residency, Southampton

19.02.19: (sibelius), OUT-TAKE Ensemble, Performance of Joe Manghan’s It Wasn’t All Yellow (2018), A Space Arts, Southampton


06.02.19: (headbanging), OUT-TAKE Ensemble, Performance of Ben Jameson’s Silent Doom Disco (2017), AMOK, York

07.12.18: actively listening to me (2016) + (synth, headbanging and facial expression), OUT-TAKE Ensemble,, Café Kino, Bristol

20.11.18: actively listening to me (2016) + (synth), OUT-TAKE Ensemble, The Harrison, London

14.11.18: actively listening to me (2016) + (synth, melodica and facial expressions), OUT-TAKE Ensemble, A Space Arts, Southampton

03.10.18: (presentation), Open Score Lab, Bath Spa University, Bath

05-09.09.18: Arts Residency, with Apartment House, CAMP, Aulus-les-Bains, France

23.04.18: (piano), OUT-TAKE Ensemble, The Talking Heads, Southampton

21.12.17: (piano), Café Kino, Seventy Seven Film Club, Bristol

20.11.17: (piano), OUT-TAKE Ensemble, The Talking Heads, Southampton

19.06.17: please find a partner (2017) + (on piano, melodica), OUT-TAKE Ensemble, The Talking Heads, Southampton

22.04.17: please find a partner (2017), OUT-TAKE Ensemble, Ludomusicology Conference, Bath Spa University, Bath

05.02.17: (electric keyboard),  Benjamin Oliver’s The Loop Concerto, Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton

22.11.16: actively listening to me (2016), Ensemble Paramirabo, Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, Montreal, Canada

26.09.15: (objects), James Saunders’ AT LEAST 100 DEVICES BEING TURNED ON AND OFF (2012), Cut & Splice, Cafe Oto, London