Harry Matthews is a composer and pianist from Stroud. He has had works recorded and performed by musicians such as Ensemble Paramirabo, Nebula Percussion Quartet, Jane Chapman, and Juliet Fraser, as well as workshops by Plus-Minus Ensemble, Quatuor Bozzini, and GBSR Duo. He co-directs and performs with OUT-TAKE Ensemble and performs and writes extensively with Ben Jameson.

Matthews is studying for a PhD in Composition at Bath Spa University and the University of Southampton with James Saunders and Matthew Shlomowitz (AHRC SWWDTP funded). His work investigates combining field recordings and instrumental music to register and activate listener’s sensitivity toward ecological concerns. His compositional output focuses on translating experiences of listening into performance works, and more recently towards recontextualising the concept of trespass in musical performance.

He has published co-written articles for Question Journal on collaboration and autonomy in community art projects and for Organised Sound on post-sonic perspectives and socially engaged practices. The Journal of Artistic Research has accepted (2022) an article Matthews created in collaboration with the SWWDTP creativity in research cluster. This article presents the group’s artist research alongside writing that discusses creative practice as a means of disrupting or re-defining the dynamics of power in, with and for different communities.


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